It’s time to check-in with Meet Me at Mikes nifty little check list. Reading over this anyone would think I was 34 weeks pregnant, exhausted and over it.

PicMonkey Collage

Making I’ve started Project Life. It’s a scrapbooking system for the lazy and time poor. Delighted with progress so far.

Cooking Early. Anything to kill off this horrible pregnancy reflux.

Drinking I wish.

Reading Slowly. I manage two pages before falling asleep. I’m lame.

Wanting My body back. I’m done with renting it out.

Looking Tired and puffy.

Playing Mega Blocks. Castles and farmyard fences are my thing.

Wasting Time being tired when I should be doing assessments.

Sewing Is in the too hard basket.

Wishing I had more energy.

Waiting For this baby to spring forth from my nether regions – soon.

Liking That Summer has buggered off and Autumn has arrived.

Wondering If it is possible to have a pain free birth?

Loving My little boy enjoying his independence.

Hoping I’m too tired to hope. God that’s depressing…

Marvelling At the fact I will soon be a mother of two.

Needing To finish all the things!

Smelling Flower by Kenzo. My all time favourite.

Wearing Preferably nothing. Why can’t I be naked all the time?

Following March in March #notinmyname.

Noticing That I am not the most patient of mothers. I hate that.

Bookmarking More than I have time to get back to.

Giggling “I love Mummy, I love Daddy and I love a little girl”. He’s two, men are hopeless!

Feeling Fugged. That’s my new word. It means bad things.

I’m linking up with Essentially Jess for #IBOT and With Some Grace for #FYBF.

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38 thoughts on “In the moment 3

  1. Kylie Purtell, A Study in Contradictions

    Oh Bree, I totally feel ya on this! I was the worst pregnant lady around by the end of my second pregnancy. The worst! It’s so much harder second time around, and that wanting your body back feeling? Man it’s bad! I still have that feeling a bit now with breastfeeding to be honest, I never wanted it to end with my first, but this time I can’t wait! Hang in there, all of this will be but a distant memory soon and next thing you know it will be 8 months later and you’ll read back over posts like this and feel like it was someone else.


  2. Tat

    This is such a great snapshot of your experience… It makes me remember my pregnancy even though a lot of the items on my list would have looked different. Like reading.. I couldn’t stop reading, that was the only thing that could distract me from the nausea.


  3. Alicia

    I am hoping the next month goes quick for you, but I know it will probably drag on, it usually does when you’re the one waiting for the lump to evacuate! I hate not being a patient Mum too xx


  4. Kaz @ Melting Moments

    Gosh, I remember that tiredness so well (as well as not being able to pick things up from the floor without grunting). Even though I have a 3yo and a newborn, I feel more energetic that when heavily pregnant. Not long now til you meet your littlest soul mate :)


  5. T'lia

    Ha, this gives me a giggle. I remember being that far pregnant, and just totally over it. And I had to wait past 41 weeks the second time, so I still had a while to go after this! 😀
    Hope bubs make an early (but not too early) arrival for you!


  6. Kate

    This is a fun post. I had a laugh at the want category. I felt like you and you put it perfectly, ‘renting’ your body out. Too true!


  7. Denise

    Hang in there! I remember feeling exactly like this when I was pregnant (though you sound a lot more organised!). It will all be over soon and you’ll be holding your little bundle:-)


  8. Tegan

    Oh I remember those last few weeks. I am glad I was induced at 37 weeks I don’t think I could have lasted another possibly 5 weeks!

    I hope it goes fast for you and you get to have your sweet baby in your arms before you know it.


  9. EssentiallyJess

    Oh we have all been there! Those last few weeks are the hardest for sure. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Patience is hard to come by when you feel like a beached whale. Hope it’s not too long a wait for you xxx


  10. Elisha Ross

    Oh man…Hearing you on the reflux front. 20 weeks and counting here and its just starting. On to the early dinners too. I can relate to nearly all of that list. Life’s about to get even busier, sooner for you. How exciting.


  11. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

    Ahh fugged, it’s one of my favourite words of all times, Google it and I bet my blog comes up heaps!
    I can’t believe you’re 34 weeks – wow – I remember those days, so tired and busy and tired and over it. Hugs and just keep swimming. xxx


  12. Vicki @ Knocked Up & Abroad

    Frustration does seem to be the flavour of this list! You poor dear.

    I got some preggo friendly reflux tablets from the chemist which were really effective. I only discovered them at about 37 weeks though of course 😉

    I’m with you on the lack of patience thing. I feel terrible most of the time about the fact and yet, I can’t seem to find my calm Mummy these days. Sigh. Poor Vicklets.

    I wanna a full preggie shot! Not sure if that’s you up the top or not, but I want to see you in all your preggie glory! (please) x


    1. Twinkle In The Eye Post author

      I think I’m just a big fat whinger! Terrible as it is, I’m glad you have trouble finding your patient Mummy as well, it means we are not alone and there are days when this really is the hardest job in the world. As for preggie shot, no that is not me, I wish I looked like that, I will put that on my to-do list :-)


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